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A marathon on creating selling websites

A marathon on creating selling websites:
Learn how to make selling sites without code, without paid tools or services.

1) To teach web design and layout skills in WordPress and Elementor
2) Show in practice that creating websites is a simple process that everyone can do.
3) To teach and give practical skills in creating websites

1) 3-5 days of practice: video tutorials and homework → if not in time, continue;
2) Individual training with each student → video-tutorials to each personally;
3) Recruitment is ongoing → start at any time;
4) Access the lessons forever → come back and revise;
Marathon Program:

Marathon Program:

Day 1:
Hosting and domain registration
Web Design Environment Installation
Basic lesson on web design
Create site design

Day 2:
Setting up hosting
Installing and configuring the CMS WordPress
Installing the necessary plugins
Preparing a project for desktop publishing
Typography of the design layout

Day 3:
Creating and customizing the bid collection form
Creating and testing a popup form for request collection
Prospects and ways of development in website creation
Bonus for participants


1. A working training website with a connected application collection system
2. experience and hands-on website building skills (web design and wrap-around)
3. Access to some of the closed materials of the basic Web Jump course
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