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Breastfeeding course

Breastfeeding course

What you will learn on the course
How milk is produced
What does the amount of milk depend on?
Breastfeeding Rule #1. Feeding on demand
Day and night feeding rhythms
Allowable intervals between feedings
Night sleep
Breastfeeding Rule Nos. 2 and 3 Length of feeds and the order of emptying the breast.
What should be the length of feedings?
Front and back milk, what is it and what is the difference?
How often should I change breasts and why is it important?
Correct breastfeeding
Signs and consequences of inappropriate breastfeeding
How do I make sure my baby is suckling effectively?
Feeding positions
Monitoring. How do I know that there is enough milk?
Non-objective and objective ways to monitor lactation and satiety of the baby
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