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Developing an online store

Modern online store, with a clear catalog and convenient management system.

What is included in the cost of work:

Prototype of the site structure
  • Development of the design concept
  • Makeup on Tilda or Wordpress
  • Filling product cards
  • Adapting to devices
  • Connection of messengers / application forms / phone number / domain
  • Connecting payment systems
  • Chatbot connection
  • Support service for 1 year

Lead time:
21 days or more

You'll get a full-fledged online store to sell your goods and services.

Raise sales by means of a well-thought-out visual component of the site?
Yes, I do exactly that kind of design - revealing meanings, catching and holding potential customer's attention.

How does it work?

  • The client sees a comfortable, properly structured navigation.
  • The visual site reveals and communicates the necessary meanings.
  • The associations and meanings conveyed by the visuals create a desire for the customer to take the target action.
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